Meeting my Health Goals with Walgreens

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Two weeks ago, I started something I never expected I would ever do: Crossfit. I’ve consistently been going to the gym with the occasional cardio barre classes, but I figured I could use a change of pace. I was sort of hitting a plateau and I needed something different. After a week, I could really tell a difference in my body and strength. I wanted to make sure that I’m pushing my boundaries daily so I don’t ever hit a plateau again. I hit up Walgreens to see if I can find myself a simple activity tracker/pedometer to see if I’m finally acvheiving my health goals.

I was already familiar with Walgreen’s Balance Rewards. I encourage you all to sign up if you haven’t because you get points for every purchase. They have different deals every week where you can get more points for certain items! Once you get enough points, you can use these rewards towards a future purchase.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.58.03 PM
I saw in store that balance rewards also reward you for healthy choices, so I picked up the Yoo activity tracker so I can accurately count my steps. I love seeing how Crossfit is improving my overall health so I figured it would even be better to track every step of the way (literally!)

After my workout of the day, I log in to my Walgreens app and log in my steps of the day plus my weigh-in.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-21-59-47You can even connect any devices or apps you have that’s compatible with the healthy choices program by logging on to your account on the desktop! I already use MyFitnessPal to track my diet, so I was able to add that on there.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.51.25 PM
Probably one of my favorite things about this (other than being able to earn points just by logging your info in) is that you can set goals for yourself. I’m so happy to see that I have achieved mine, and I can wait to raise the bar up even higher just to see what I am capable of!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.00.28 PM
Are you a Walgreens Balance Rewards member? What do you think about the healthy choices program?


Eating Fresh with Sam’s Club + Sausage and Bowtie Pasta Recipe

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Because it’s an absolute hassle to go grocery shopping more than once a week with a kid, our family loves getting bulk items from Sam’s Club. We run out of eggs and bananas so quickly that buying them from Sam’s Club for less per item is a total win! One of my best friends, Allan, is moving out pretty soon to move in with 3 other roommates. He’s also my Crossfit buddy and we’ve really been working hard on eating well. He was a bit worried that he’d get a bit off track with his good diet living with some roommates and not having the time to prepare fresh food. He also didn’t want to feel homesick, so I figured I’d help teach him a quick and easy recipe using fresh ingredients from Sam’s Club AND some tips on how to feel right at home in his new place! Right after Crossfit, we decided to look around Sam’s Club.

After buying what we needed, I taught him how to cook with some of the fresh ingredients we picked up!

I was mostly impressed by the campari tomatoes, and how sweet they were! I hardly find this variety elsewhere so I love picking them up whenever I see them.

DSC_0584 The Earl Campbell’s Smoked Sausage was so delicious, plus it keeps well so it can easily be incorporated to other recipes.

To create layers of flavor, I usually start off with some garlic.

I add some cut up sausage to the pan and get them toasty. It’s okay to have some stick to the pan (I actually prefer it because that stuff will add flavor to your sauce)

I love cream-based pasta because it just gives it such a rich flavor. I also add the tomatoes for the sweetness and pepper for a little kick.

Once the cream simmers down, you just add the pasta and herbs! You can top with some pecorino romano cheese if you wish. How simple was that? Easy, delicious, and fresh!

Allan was worried of resorting to unhealthy drinks, so I told him that grabbing a big container of 100% cranberry juice to keep in the fridge is a great alternative. I also thought that if he picked up convenient tableware that still had the “at-home” feel, it might help him from feeling homesick. He and his roommates can also avoid doing more chores. How awesome are these plates? I love the colorful cups, too.

At the end of our trip, Allan actually purchased his own membership! He figured that him and his roommates will need to stock up on other home essentials and food. #TrySamsClub

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Sausage and Bowtie Pasta

3 Earl Campbell’s Smoked Sausage, diced
6 Campari Tomatoes, diced
8oz cooked bowtie pasta
1 cup heavy cream
2 garlic cloves, minced
parsley, basil, or both
pepper to taste

1. Sautee garlic in pan with some olive oil.
2. Add sausage and cook until seared.
3. Pour in heavy cream and bring to boil. Once it boils, switch the heat to low and let it simmer for about 5 minutes until it cooks down.
4. Add tomatoes, pepper, and herbs.
5. Toss in cooked bowtie pasta and serve!

Gleam by Melanie Mills Makeup Review

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I remember watching some Dancing with the Stars episodes and wondering how these celebrities and dancers look so flawless. I’m a dancer myself and it takes a lot to look gorgeous and STAY gorgeous on stage! Melanie Mills is the mastermind behind the beautiful glow that these dancers on TV get and I’m really excited that I got to try the same products she’s been using on them! She has so much make-up experience (did I mention she’s also an Emmy winner for Makeup Design? AMAZING) so you know that any product she creates and uses herself is something worth trying.

Gleam Body Radiance in Bronze Gold
This is probably my favorite product in the entire Gleam beauty line. It’s so versatile because you can use it on your face or body, and you can use as much or as little as you need! I was a little afraid of it streaking or staining my clothes, but there was no transfer whatsoever (and part of my outfit was white!) This is also perfect for contouring your face and body. Bronze Gold gave me that perfect bronze glow, which will definitely come in handy transitioning into fall and winter. Gleam Body Radiance comes in Light Gold, Rose Gold, and Deep Gold.

Gleam Radiance Dust in Bronze Gold Dust
Think of this as the loose powder version of Body Radiance. I actually like using this as an eyeshadow because it complements my skin tone well. I also brush this lightly above the apples of my cheeks and over my eyebrow as a highlighter/illuminizer. Radiance Dust comes in Light Gold Dust, Rose Gold Dust, Bronze Gold Dust, and Deep Gold Dust.

Lip Radiance in Up Against The Wall
I’m usually skeptical of picking out colors online just because usually they look different in person, but I’m really happy how this turned out! It was HIGHLY pigmented and because it was a stain, the color popped and stayed on all day. I like shades of red with orange/yellow undertone because those are the ones that look best with my skintone and this red brick color is perfect! It also moisturizes your lips (which I really needed in this Texas heat).  It comes in several other colors from nude to a jewel-toned purple!

I’ll be creating a YouTube tutorial of this look soon, so keep an eye out for it! It’ll have extra added tips on using the most out of your Gleam products.

If you want to win your own set of Gleam products (or even a gift card!), There’s going to be a Twitter Party on Sept 10 at 9pm ET using the hashtags #GleamGirl and #Gleamalicious

Belk KidFest at the Galleria Dallas, 8/9 + Model Search

Belk KidFest 8-9-2014
What: Belk KidFest at the Dallas Galleria (Level 3, Belk’s Kids’ Department)

When: TOMORROW, Saturday, August 9th

Time: Noon – 3pm

What’s going on: Lots of fun things! There’s going to be a fashion show, games, refreshments, a model search, and you can get up to half off on kids’ apparel. They’ll even have face painters, a floral headband station, coloring book station, and a lot more fun activities for the family!

MODEL SEARCH: Bring a photo of your kid (ages 5-10) to the Belk Kids’ Department. If selected, they’ll have the opportunity to be in a Belk catalog and a Belk Fashion Show!

Here’s a link to the event for more details!

Juicy Fruit Inspired Summer Style


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As a style blogger, I always draw inspiration from everything around me. I love summer because it’s the best time to bust out the bright colors and prints. I already consider myself to be pretty gutsy when it comes to fashion, but it’s another thing to be bold! I sampled some Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews at my local Walmart and a lightbulb moment just kinda hit me– why not create some Juicy Fruit-Inspired looks that are as bold as its flavors? I picked up Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum and Fruity Chews bottles, both in Original and Sweet Strawberry (all at Walmart– they had these stand alone pallets by the optical section).

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

What I love about the Original flavor is that it hasn’t changed. The taste is just like how it was when I was younger, if not even fruitier! The moment you bite into it, you just get this burst of Juicy Fruit-y goodness. It might be different for everybody, but I’ve always thought that Juicy Fruit kind of has a tropical flavor, and what’s more tropical and summery than pineapples? This outfit is perfect for running errands under this Texas summer heat, or just even lounging around in your backyard!  These bubble gum chunks are the perfect size for bubble blowing, yet still has that original flavor.

The Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews would have to be my favorite because it has that flavorful shell that just gives you that initial burst of flavor that just hit your taste buds all at once. Did I mention it’s all sugar free?

The Sweet Strawberry flavor is pretty new and it has that classic, strawberry taste. I’m not very brave when it comes to wearing anything red, but my clothes are a reflection of who I am and how I’m feeling. The bold, strawberry flavor made me feel, well, bold! I love that this look is summery yet elegant enough to wear out for date night.

I was pretty excited that I was able to explore my #JuicyFruitFunSide! Who knew gum could be so inspirational?