Pass Around Smiles With Hallmark BuzzWorthy Cards

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My mom’s birthday is coming up and I was looking for something unique to give her. When I give gifts, I want them to be practical and be something that I know they’ll love. My mom is a Middle School Gifted and Talented Science Teacher and has a Masters Degree in Zoology. She’s the type to crack up about any science joke or pun, no matter how corny it is. Let’s just say she could get along really well with Sheldon Cooper. Just like any teacher, she’s half excited and half dreading the idea of school starting back up so I figured I’d get her the perfect back-to-school card along with a few teacher essentials.

(the front of the card)
(… and the inside)
I’m not going to lie, I picked these up from Walmart and I laughed. So. HARD. It was so “her!” They had an entire BuzzWorthy Cards section with a wide variety of funny ones.


They were so easy to find and I found myself standing there for a long while just browsing through their cards and laughing! Obviously, my mom found her card hilarious as well.

It’s been insanely hot here in Texas lately, and my husband is not happy about it. He has to show up to work wearing the warmest clothes and he always has to work during the peak times of the heat. It actually got to a point where he started feeling sick last night just from the heat! I started to feel so bad for him that I wanted to brighten up his day when he gets back home from work later. I picked out a card that was highly appropriate with how he was feeling.

(here’s the front of his card)
(and here’s what’s inside)

Hopefully the card helps him forget the sweat running down his forehead and that the glass of beer cools him off!

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Summer Beauty Essentials

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The sun’s 100-degree rays may be beaming down on us during the summer, but that doesn’t mean we get to slack off and not make the most out of it! For 17 years, I lived in the Philippines so I can say that I’ve had tons and tons of summertime practice.  My beauty routine shifts every season, and I’m excited to share with you the new items I use almost every day. What’s even better is being able to grab all of these summer beauty essentials in one place: Walgreens! From July 29 – Aug 30, if you spend $20 on beauty/personal care (excluding baby), you get a FREE travel-size make-up brush set! Click HERE to get the coupon. It’s actually pretty cool because you can take it along with you for retouches.


Here are my summer beauty must-haves:


1. Statement Eyes – I love having bold eyes for the summer. I squint so much in the heat that I fear my eyes disappearing! I use Rimmel Scandaleyes Gel Liner for my upper lid and Maybelline Volum’Express Pumped Up Colossal Mascara for flirty lashes.

2. Luscious Lips – I love using Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain and here’s why: it’s highly pigmented like a lipstick AND it’s super moisturizing like lip gloss. I kid you not– I put it on, ate a sandwich, went to go re-apply but I realized that I didn’t need to because the color was still there! Amazing. I have it in Cannes Crush but I’m about to go back and get other shades.

3. Rockin’ Hair AND Lasting Make-Up – I’m very serious about my hair game in the summer. I do braids, buns, curls– you name it! I have very thick and heavy hair so usually hairstyles don’t hold up as long. I use Mark Hill Fabulous Finish Hairspray to keep my hair in check! Here’s a dancer/performer trick: After you’ve applied your make-up, apply a light layer of hairspray on your face! It makes your make-up last longer.


4. Oil-free Face – I don’t know about you but my face gets so greasy halfway through the day. I always carry these Oil Absorbing Sheets by Walgreens anywhere I go. You don’t want to be able to reflect the light on your forehead!

5. Bronzed Babe – I got pretty excited when I saw this Rimmel Waterproof Bronzing Powder. Waterproof. Bronzing. Powder! I no longer have to worry about looking pale halfway through the day!

6. Bright Nails – I love bright, summery colors on nails. This Essie “In The Cab-Ana” shade reminds me of the pool!

So tell me, what’s one of your summer beauty essentials?

Stayfree Feminine Care: Be On The Go and Stay On The Go!


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DSC_0434 copy
I never understood it when people said that being a mom is a 24/7 job with no days off… until I became one. Every day I feel like there’s so much to do and there’s very little time. It’s usually a bit harder around that time of the month, but I make it a point to not let that slow me down! Nothing that some handy feminine care can’t fix, right?

Five times out of the week I start my day at the gym. I pack up my essentials after eating breakfast and doing my usual morning routine. The Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular is a must because I’d hate to ruin a workout just because of a little “surprise.” I could never let that hold me back because I love being consistent with my workouts and seeing results.

Usually after the gym, I prepare a quick lunch for myself and my son. If I don’t have any work to do, we then head out to run errands. One of our go -to places is Walmart, where I pick up my Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular and Stayfree Overnight, found in the feminine care aisle. (HINT: You can earn a $5 Walmart eGift card reward when you buy any 3 Stayfree, Carefree, or o.b. products! Click here for more info.)

After running errands, we usually head home to take a bit of a break. Well, for my son. I end up doing chores, housework, and typically cook dinner. But some nights, I like to go out on a date with my husband after he gets off work. Just like any other date, I try not to let anything stop me from enjoying our time alone so I always make sure I head out worry-free!

Most of my days are long, busy, and tiring, but I try not to let anything out of my control hold me back, especially if I can do something about it! I always make sure I stay protected and covered because unless some new technology can tell me the exact date and time that Aunt Flo decides to pay a visit, I plan be ready for what the day has in store for me.


Sweet’N Low Pineapple Orange Cooler Recipe


This week I made my Sweet’N Low Pineapple Orange Cooler as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SweetNLowStars

Pineapples are one of the best fruits during the summer. They’re naturally sweet and absolutely refreshing! I love them even more when mixed into my cocktails. It pairs very well with most types of liquor so the possibilities are endless. One of my favorites is this Pineapple-Orange Cooler using a sherbet recipe I make from scratch. I even use Sweet’N Low so it’s diabetic-friendly and low-calorie! Here’s all you’ll need:

DSC_0336A pineapple, an orange, some Sweet’N Low, and liquor of your choice (mine was coconut rum). How simple is that?

I’m going to have to say that the pineapple cup is mandatory. Technically it isn’t, but if you’re using fresh pineapple, then why not make the most out of it? It’s actually very easy to do as well. Way easier than cutting up watermelon (we all know how much of a pain that is!)

Here are the detailed steps:
1. Cut off the top. Make sure this is even because, well, lopsided/angled cups are no fun.
2. Cut around the edges, about half an inch away from the skin. Cut around the core, too.
3. Scoop the pineapple out and saw off the core, lumberjack-style.

Seriously, super easy. After that, just put the pineapple chunks, a squeezed orange, and the Sweet’N Low (I used about 5 packets) in a blender.
Blend until smooth and freeze for about 4 hours. It should look somewhat like a sherbet. Once that’s done, add about 2 ounces of liquor.
Blend some more, and pour into your pineapple cup! Don’t forget to enjoy and share with your friends!
DSC_0386 If you need more Sweet’N Low ideas, go check out their Facebook page!

Pineapple-Orange Cooler

1 medium pineapple
1 orange, freshly squeezed
about 5 Sweet’N Low packets
2 oz. liquor of choice

1. Hollow out pineapple.
2. Combine pineapple chunks, freshly squeezed orange juice, and Sweet’N Low packets in a blender.
3. Blend until smooth. Freeze for about 4 hours until it hardens like a sherbet.
4. Add liquor and blend again until smooth.
5. Pour, enjoy, and share!

Movie Night With Kellogg’s #goodnightsnack #cbias

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When we go to the movies as a family, I always feel so underwhelmed by the snack options that they have at the concessions.  Not only is it overpriced  but if you want anything other than popcorn, you’ll have to wait 5 minutes. You’ll then end up with a sad-looking bowl of nachos or an old and awkwardly chewy pretzel. I’m not sure if you’ve tried going to the movies with a two year old but that in itself can be quite discouraging. We got pretty excited when we heard that Walmart was hosting an outdoor movie night right with a Kellogg’s Cereal Bar at their parking lot because it was the perfect setting for the whole family to relax and have fun!  The moment we got there, we were greeted by Spider-Man himself.


They then showed us the awesome Kellogg’s Cereal Bar, which was super impressive! I loved that they had a huge variety of cereal, some that I haven’t even tried before (don’t worry, I made sure I changed that). They even offered some soy milk as an alternative to the 2% kind.

They offered a variety of toppings like fruit, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. It added a nice touch to the cereal and milk bowls, and it was still healthier than munching on popcorn and candy!

I’d have to say that these new Kellogg’s Cereal are my faves! I loved that I got to try the Jif cereal and the Rice Krispies Graham-Flavored Multi-Grain Shapes. They were so good that I’m now planning to get myself a box of each for our next grocery store trip.

At the event, Nicole from “Wyoming Girl Turned…” and I got to have a photo op with the amazing Spider-Man (see what I did there?) This was my absolute favorite part of the event because as you can see, we were having WAY too much fun!


I also tried to get my son to spend some quality time with him, although he didn’t seem to be a huge fan…

I can tell you what he absolutely loved, though. Kellogg’s Froot Loops and milk!

The movie of the night was obviously The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and I was pretty excited that giving my kid a bowl of cereal got him to stay as attentive as a two-year-old could get. I think part of it is because he didn’t consume as much sugar as he would if we went to the movies. We actually got to lay back, relax, and enjoy the entire event!

If you’re curious what I had in my bowl, the answer is everything. Seriously, everything. Krave, Froot Loops, Strawberry Mini Wheats, Jif, Rice Krispies Graham Shapes, Raisin Bran, Special K, marshmallows, berries, and chocolate chips. It was nothing short of amazing.